Low-Income Program

We understand that not everyone can afford our tickets so we have the following ways that people can get free or reduced price tickets. 

  1. Our early bird tickets are much less expensive. To make sure you hear when they drop for our next events, sign up for our email list.
  2. We create lots of volunteer positions at our events so that people who can’t afford the tickets can still attend. For this event we’ve created over 60 volunteer positions, which you can apply for using our Volunteer Application.
  3. We give dozens of free tickets to low-income musicians. Musicians can apply for free tickets using this Guest Musician Application, if they are interested in volunteering at the event, by jamming with other musicians in the hallways, nooks and atriums.
  4. We try to make our event accessible to low-income families by having free tickets for kids under 12, and half price tickets for youth 13-18.
  5.  If you can afford the tickets, we ask that you please pay full price – the overhead for this event is enormous: 40+ acts, luxurious venue, staff, supplies etc. But if you are low-income and the cost is a stretch, then please accept this coupon code: OPENHEART for 20% off your ticket. This code will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out.
    (This code is not applicable to our Nightlife tickets, Bundles or VIP)